AMAfeed FAQs

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What is AMAfeed?

AMAfeed is a platform for knowledge exchange in an Ask Me Anything format. We make it easy for you to present yourself, your story, your expertise, project or a topic you are interested in and engage the audience in participating in a discussion about it.

  • Create new connections
  • Ask Questions and get answers from people with first hand experience on the matter
  • Engage your existing following
  • Promote your service, expertise, project

We have over 50 channels dedicated to different topics - from Artists and Authors, Technology, Crypto to Health, Sport and Pets.


How to create an AMA?

Creating an AMA is simple. Sign in with social media or register with email. Click the « Create AMA » button top right on the screen. Follow the steps. Here is a short PDF step by step.

To read more about AMAfeed, click here.


How to ask questions?

Pick a channel based on what you are interested in or just run a search for a keyword in the search bar (top right).

Ask a question - AMA

Then look through the AMAs in the results. You can look over any questions that have already been asked by other AMA members and if you don't see an answer to your question just post it. You will be notified when the Host answers. If you want to just subscribe to the AMA, so monitor the questions and answers without posting your own, then click the heart icon bottom right to the AMA description.


What are AMA Tokens?

AMA Tokens are the local AMAfeed currency. You can earn AMA Tokens by contributing to the community or you can purchase them from your account. Learn more about AMA Tokens, how you can earn them and what you can spend them on.


How do I activate a promo coupon for AMA Tokens?

If you have a coupon, login, click the button top right, with your profile picture, you will see a drop down.

link to my account

Pick "Tokens" from the options. You will land on the Tokens page. There is a link above your transactions history, click and you will see the form where you submit the code to have the tokens credited to your account.

add tokens link


How do I purchase services for my AMA?

You will be asked to add services to your AMA at the last step of the AMA creation wizard. If you have not added any services at that point but want to add some make sure you are logged in, click the « Options » button next to your AMA title/timer then pick the « Promotion » option from the drop down menu that will show.

tokens promo

There you can check the services you want to add and proceed to purchase them. If you don’t have enough tokens those services will remain pending and you can come back and activate them after you earn or purchase more tokens.


How do I activate pending services for my AMA?

If you have added services to your AMA but didn’t have enough tokens to purchase those they will remain pending in your account. Once you have earnt or purchased some more tokens you can activate the pending services by clicking the « Promote » button to your active AMA, selecting the services you want (the pending ones will appear selected already and above the rest) and clicking the « Buy » button.


How can I send messages to members of AMAfeed?

Go to the user profile and click the message icon to the right of their profile image.

send a message AMA

Who can host an AMA Session ?

Anyone with something to say or share can host an AMA Session!

The only thing we ask is that, in keeping with our beliefs that an AMA Session should be informative, educational and even entertaining, but never condescending or critical to guests. If you are not sure about how to create your AMA or how to get the best out of it contact our team here.

Interested in hosting an AMA Session? Click here


How many AMAs can I host?

There is no limit to the number of AMAs you can host but there is a one AMA at a time rule. This is to avoid duplicate content and to give you and us the ability to focus on your AMA's promotion. If you want/need to host more than one AMA at a time you can activate that option with AMA Tokens.


How do I get started?

Whether you’ve joined as a Host or a guest – you may eventually want to be both – we recommend your profile includes a short bio, as well as a sampling of your professional and educational background. This information allows other AMA Session guests to appreciate your knowledge and experience in one or more subject areas. Check out this great Host profile to give you an idea.

Now that you are ready to create your AMA, click the "Create AMA" button top left and go ahead! Here is a short video that can help.


Are there any tips for a good AMA?

  • Images improve greatly the visibility your AMA will get once we share it across our network. Make sure you have at least one in your post.
  • Links are great to have so that the audience can learn more about you and ask you more insightful questions and also connect with you if they are interested in your work. You can easily add links with the text editor.
  • Grammar and punctuation - we are very strict about the quality of content on our site and so good grammar and punctuation matter. Look over your AMA once posted and edit if needed.
  • AMA format - the AMA sessions are a great way to connect with an audience, they are not supposed to be like adverts or newspaper write-ups - they are personal and engaging.
  • Your profile - once your AMA is posted the audience will be curious to find more about you. We also have a great rating on search engines so your AMAfeed profile will come up in searches. Make sure it looks great - put in a profile and background picture, fill in your bio and expertise, add links to your social media and site.


What is AMA Rank?

The AMA Rank is a reward points system to indicate the value a member of the community has based on their contributions to it. You can earn points by being active in the community. Different activities give you different number of AMA points that all add up to your AMA Rank. Learn more about AMA Rank here.


What is AMA Vibe?

Under each AMA you are given a list of options to choose from in answer to the question « What is the Vibe of this AMA? ». You can have multiple choices for each AMA. You can then filter the AMAs you want to see based on how other members of the AMAfeed community rated them. This gives you control over the content you see. See more about AMA Vibe here.


Promoting your AMA

Now that your AMA is perfect we can start promoting it! You should also get involved in promoting your AMA as well - the more questions, the better the experience. Some ways you can help on that:

  • Social networks - your followers are the people who’s opinion matters a lot to you, get them over! Share your AMA with them and see what they know and don’t know about you, what are they interested in, show yourself in the best light and engage them by prompting them to ask you questions.
  • Email - do you even know how many people you have on your contact list? Wouldn’t it be great to remind them of yourself in such an open and inviting manner? Send them all an invite and see who will turn up, you might be surprised!
  • Interact on other AMAs - we have over 50 channels featuring experts in different fields - go and make some great connections and ask them all your questions. The best part is, in doing so you are promoting your AMA - a link to it is automatically attached to each question you post.


Can I add links, images and videos to my AMA?

Yes, you are very welcome to add links, images and videos and in fact we encourage you to do so - the more the audience can find out about you the better questions they will ask. You can use the icons on the top of the text editor to insert a link or an image.

add links and images

For videos - we only support YouTube videos, for other platforms just put a link. When you include a YouTube video link in your description, profile or answers they automatically become embedded videos. If you have already posted your AMA but want to add links and images, check the How can I edit my AMA Session below.


How can I edit my AMA Session?

If you need to edit your AMA make sure you are logged in, go to your AMA from Profile (top right of the screen, right next to the "Create AMA" button), once you have your profile open click the "AMA" tab then click on the AMA you want to edit. Once you have the AMA page open, click the 3 dots next to the AMA timer/title and from the drop down that will appear pick the "Edit" option. This is where you can adjust the start and end date of your AMA, edit the title or description, add or remove images and links.


I can't see the "Edit" option, there is only "Report" and "Cancel".

If you can only see those options you are looking at the AMA from your profile page. You need to click that link (the title of the AMA you are looking at) and open the AMA page. There you should be able to see all the options.


Why can't I answer questions on my AMA?

The most likely reason is you are not logged in. Often Hosts login with one social network then login with another, to the system those are two different accounts and so if you create your AMA whilst you are logged in with Facebook, you won't be able to answer the questions logged in with Twitter. Make sure you have logged in to the account you created the AMA with. To avoid that it is best to register with your mail and create a password, this way you know you have one account you can always log into.


How can I see my AMAs?

Click on the icon next to "Create AMA" to the right (it has your avatar or profile image if you have uploaded one) then from the drop down that will appear pick "Profile". Once you land on your profile you will see a row of tabs, the second one is AMAs, click that and you will see all the AMAs you have posted. Pick the one you want to answer/edit/view.


How can I edit my profile?

Login to your account and click the icon next to the "Create AMA" button top right of the screen. You will see a drop down appear, pick the "Profile" option. Click the circle in the middle to edit your profile picture. Click the "Edit profile" button to the right to edit your profile information and notification preferences. Click the image icon next to the "Edit profile" button to edit your background image.

Edit my profile


How much does it cost to host an AMA Session?

It is free to host an AMA and to participate on other AMAs on the site. You can earn and buy AMA Tokens to use to promote your AMA. Learn more about AMA Tokens here.


Can I advertise on AMAfeed?

You can have a guest post on the site that does not require any involvement from you, you just give us the text and we post it. Those cost $25 per post. You can also include links in your AMA with tokens that you can earn or buy. Learn more about AMA Tokens, how you can earn them and what you can spend them on.


What topics are allowed?

The possibilities are endless. You can choose something which you know a lot about as a professional, a hobby of yours, a topic that you are passionate about or you can promote - your company, new book, blog, product.

Simply put, your topic should be something that you know thoroughly and feel is important to you.

You can also host an AMA that is based upon an interesting experience you’ve had or an event you attended.


What is AMAfeed Ambassadors Program?

It is a program we have for people interested in empowering their communities, making their voice heard on a topic they are passionate about and promoting their views by educating others. If you are interested in becoming AMAfeed Ambassador check this page and fill in the relevant form. We will get back to you as soon as we can!


What topics should I avoid?

If you come up with an idea and then search to find that there have already been dozens of AMA Sessions on the same idea--, such as "I've lost 50 pounds. AMA." -you should reword your headline and rethink your approach or choose a different topic.

For instance, you could reword it to say something like, “I’ve discovered the secret of major weight loss. AMA.” Or, maybe you go with something like “I’ve learned which foods boost weight loss. AMA.”

Or choose a new approach, such as “I learned to love my scale. AMA.”

NEVER use someone else’s previously published material to answer questions without attributing it to the original author. That’s plagiarism and it’s completely unacceptable.

Please refrain from using an AMA Session solely for raising money or directing guests to a crowdfunding link or product. Depending on your AMA Session , it may be acceptable for you to mention a crowdfunding site if it is for a cause. Causes, not cash – that’s the best approach.

Also, please don't submit an AMA topic merely to "see if there's interest." If you feel strongly about your AMA Session topic, post it and have faith others will be on board with you and your idea. If you host an AMA Session and only a few people turn out for it, so what? Consider it a lesson learned and rework your AMA Session . Meanwhile have fun with the hardy few who have come to hear what you have to say. Some of the best experiences come from interacting with a smaller crowd.


Why should I host an AMA Session?

An AMA Session provides you with the opportunity to stand out as knowledgeable and authentic. You’re an authority who is open and transparent with your knowledge and passion for your topic. It costs nothing to host an AMA Session , but this small investment of your time can lead to major dividends for your cause. Appearing on one of our channels exposes you to a large community of people that may also be interested in what you have to say.

Here are just some of the ways you can use an AMA.


So how does this voting thing work?

As a member of our community, you get to vote in two ways.

First, community members can vote on which questions they like. We have it set up so the most popular questions as voted on by guests like you will appear at the top of the comment section of the AMA Session. This gives the Host a good idea as to what information is most important to his or her guests.

Second, you also get the chance to determine which compelling, informative, impactful, interesting, entertaining, groundbreaking or funny AMAs rise to the top the of the Most Popular list. That ranking is based on what we consider your “up votes.”

It’s important to note that we do not offer “down votes.” If you don’t care for a particular topic or host, you have the right to abstain from voting. If the majority of your peers share the same feelings, a low number of votes will drag the AMA Session down the list.


What is the content policy?

AMAfeed is a place where hosts and guests can gather without fear of judgment or criticism to discuss and share ideas. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe, so we need to follow a few rules about content.

We love the free exchange of ideas. We don’t tolerate things that are:

  • Against the law
  • Pornographic
  • Incendiary
  • Threatening
  • Bullying
  • Confidential and not yours to reveal (such as another’s personal address)
  • Deception
  • Veiled attempts to solicit money


What are "Requests" and how do I make one?

"Requests" are submissions from guests who would like to see a certain individual– such as: an expert, celebrity or public figure – host an AMA Session. All you need to do is click the "Request AMA" button on the top and fill in the Twitter handle of the person or their email and a short message.

That’s about it. We will take care of the rest.


Can I have multiple Hosts on the same AMA?

No, not at the moment, this is a feature we are working on and will be available soon but is not there yet. If you want to have team members answering questions on the same AMA you can just share the login for the AMA and sign under each with the name and position of the member so it is visible to the audience, Kontrolfreek did a great job at this, check their AMA here.


How does the timing of my AMA work?

When you create your AMA you will be asked for a start date. There is a minimum of 48hr between the moment you post and the start date - can be more but not less. We need this time to look over the AMA, advice if you need to improve anything and promote the AMA. We advise you to have 3-5 days, that gives enough time for both, you and us to spread the word.

Once you post the AMA we will start promoting it and you will start receiving questions. You are not obliged to answer those until the start date and time but you can - to save yourself from having to answer all at once. Any answers submitted before the start date will only be visible to you, the Host. They become visible to the audience on the start date and time.

Once open, the AMA stays open for discussion for 2 days. You can adjust that (say you want it to only stay open for 1 day or a few hours) by editing the time before the AMA starts. If you want to extend your AMA for over 2 days check the tokens page, this is a service you can purchase. Once it starts if you want to make any changes send us a message and we will adjust it for you.


Does it take a long time to do an AMA? I don’t really have much time!

Posting the AMA takes no longer than 10 minutes (well, if you want to write a novel might be a bit more). From that moment you have the minimum of 2 days before it starts and the maximum of 2 days open time for discussion, meaning you have at least 9 days to answer the questions you get in your time. And you are promoting your company, idea, project, book, engaging and connecting with a new audience so this is time well invested!


How long does an AMA Session run?

The traditional AMA Session runs at least a few hours, but it can last longer. The maximum time is 2 days. You can extend that with tokens. Once the set time expires, the door is closed and no further questions will be accepted.

All AMA Sessions are archived so those unable to make a certain time for the open session will still have the chance to see what they missed.


Why was my AMA paused?

We are very strict on quality here so if there is an issue with your AMA it may be paused until we make sure everything is ok.

The most common reasons for an AMA to be paused are:

  • You have posted the same content before - it brings no value to the platform and to you to repeat the same content. Think of other things that can attract and interest your target audience and engage your existing following.
  • There are too many errors in the AMA - if there is a typo or a little mistake here and there we can fix that for you. But if the AMA is a grammatical disaster, written in all caps and not making any sense we will pause it and ask you to edit it so if is understandable and in good English.
  • You have posted content that is not yours or from the position of a company/business/author you are not associated with.
  • The AMA has started and there are no answers -

In any case if your AMA was paused and you want to un-pause it get in touch, we are always happy to help.


Still have questions?

You actually got to the end of the FAQ page? That's pretty awesome! Here is a code for 50 AMA Tokens you can use to promote your AMA- FAQ50


Send us a message here and we will answer as soon as possible:)