Classroom to Boardroom: Running a Startup in College with NXTSTOR LLC & Mike Gargasz, AMA!

Mike Gargasz: I'm actually very fortunate that German is decently close to English! English borrows lots of words from German, and I would say the German articles are the biggest issue (although those come naturally after some practice).  OSU also has an amazing G…

Ta'aruf, which written by A student & his Professor... AMA!

atulkumarofficials: Firstly, Thanks for your compliment for Ta'aruf.  Basically the meaning of Ta'aruf is "acquaintance" so the cover page of Ta'aruf describe the excitement of new morning, which is coming soon after a night.  "So the cover page in night mode, which exc…

My name is Carley DeFranco and I’m an opera singer and teacher revitalizing the classical music scene. AMA.

Carley DeFranco: Hey there! The singers in my circle are loving, supportive and happy for each other’s successes. We are equally sad when someone we feel close to doesn’t get the gig. It’s competitive in nature (especially for sopranos, large-in-number) because there…
Jun 18, 2018

AMA on how do we make our schools safer?

rdsollars: I don’t believe that new laws are needed. There are thousands of laws about firearms already in effect…unfortunately the government side of this is falling flat on his big fat bloated a**. We need to enforce the laws that are already in effect and st…
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